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  • Every Girl Needs A Thong Panty
    Sexy Lingerie
    Every Girl Needs A Thong Panty
    Thongs panties have gained so much popularity over the years. These very risqué undergarments are functional to an extent and sometimes quite acceptable if seen peeping out of a woman's pants. There are two popular kinds of thong panties, namely the G-string and the T-back. There are other designs as well but these two stands out as the most saleable of the thong panties. The Design For those who are unaware of the thong panties' design, the key feature of these panties is the nonexistence of buttock cheeks' covering. Depending on the design of the thong panties, the front covering is most of the time triangular, although the size of this triangle varies. The name of the thong panties usually varies depending on the design of the back part. The fabric used for thongs are numerous ranging from thong silk…
  • The Key to Sexy Lingerie
    Sexy Lingerie
    The Key to Sexy Lingerie
    Here’s a secret for all the women out there (if they haven’t figured it out already): men are visual creatures. Just like there are verbal learners and visual learners, all the men out there sometimes need for you to paint them a picture in order to better understand a task. Here’s proof to this revelation: how often have you told your husband that the car is making a “thumping” noise. Does he ever believe you? Probably not, until he sees for himself that the cause of whatever is making the car thump. See, visual learner. The same goes in the bedroom. Sometimes, our men don’t quite understand what we want, so we have to paint them a picture, and we can do so with deliciously sexy lingerie. How many men can resist a woman in any type of sexy lingerie?…
  • Lace Negligee: What Is It?
    Bridal Lingerie
    Lace Negligee: What Is It?
    A negligee of any sort is a lightweight robe that is made from silk or polyester. These are very elegant, beautiful pieces of lingerie, and every woman should have at least one lace negligee or French negligee in their wardrobe. Negligees are loose dressing gowns for women and so you can wear them at home when you are just relaxing or you can wear them when you are dressing up for someone special. There are lots of great occasions to wear a lace negligee, and now that you know what it is you are surely interested in getting one for yourself. Why The Black Negligee Is So Popular Of course you can find a silk negligee in about any color that you like but the black negligee is certainly one of the most popular options and for good reason. Black…