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    Sexy Costumes Ideas for Couples
    So you want to get some lingerie, but maybe you are tired of the typical lace and satin pieces. Well if you want to be a bad girl for a night and really surprise your man, then you should try getting some naughty women’s costumes. Tips for couples Fifty Shades of Grey: Very popular current choice for Halloween. Handcuffs and whips are ideal accessories for this outfit. Vampire couple: More traditional and in the spirit of Halloween; if originally designed you will be the stars at the party. Angel and Devil: A good and evil showdown. Batman and Catwoman: Already a classic couple, but could also do great separately. Princess Leah and Hans Solo: A classic couple for all times fans of Star Wars. Queen Amidala and Anakin Skywalker: The newer version of the above couple and also great costume…