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    Every Girl Needs A Thong Panty
    Thongs panties have gained so much popularity over the years. These very risqué undergarments are functional to an extent and sometimes quite acceptable if seen peeping out of a woman's pants. There are two popular kinds of thong panties, namely the G-string and the T-back. There are other designs as well but these two stands out as the most saleable of the thong panties. The Design For those who are unaware of the thong panties' design, the key feature of these panties is the nonexistence of buttock cheeks' covering. Depending on the design of the thong panties, the front covering is most of the time triangular, although the size of this triangle varies. The name of the thong panties usually varies depending on the design of the back part. The fabric used for thongs are numerous ranging from thong silk…